Are you ready to level up both your channeling and your grid work?


Join JJ and 7 other experienced lightworkers in beautiful container to enhance and co-create with our gifts as oracles. We will gather in live virtual sessions on a weekly basis over the course of 4 weeks, bringing through codes & information from high vibrational galactic, elemental and angelic ascended beings (see themes below).

Not only will we be receiving these new frequencies as a container, but we will also be setting the intention to perform both planetary and galactic grid work!

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We will connect with a different type of frequency each week...

Week One:

Earth Elementals

Week Two:

Ascended Masters

Week Three:

Angelic Beings

Week Four:

Galactic Guides

This co-channeling opportunity could be for you if:

  • You regularly connect in mediumship or channeling energies
  • You are comfortable with automatic writing, spoken channeling or light language
  • You are familiar with a variety of ascended masters, interdimensional beings or guides and bring through information from them on a routine basis

  • You have two or more years of active channeling/mediumship experience
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What does the Co-Channeling and Gridwork Circle consist of?

  • Four 75-minute weekly virtual gatherings (see themes above)

  • Group DM to stay connected during the experience & share downloads we receive outside of our time together

  • Access to all of JJ's virtual gatherings throughout the duration of the program (both live, as well as playbacks)

  • Add-on opportunity to have a 1:1 Channeling Mentorship Session with JJ


There are only 7 spots available in each circle, so be sure to apply now in order to secure your place! 


JUNE 9 - 30

We will meet each Friday from 9:00 to 10:15 am PST



JUNE 11 - JULY 2

We will meet each Sunday from 5:45 to 7:00pm PST




Single Payment of $888

Two Payments of $444


*Please indicate your preferred schedule and payment option when submitting the application.


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Some Image Credit: Mica Blaise