Are you feeling called to enter a season of creation?


JJ has opened up five spots in April/May 2023 to work with advanced lightworkers who are ready to write a book OR create their own healing modality. During this program, JJ will accompany you through four 60-minute sessions designed to help provide the framework/blueprint required for your book or modality to be manifested into the physical!

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This mentorship opportunity could be for you if:

  • You have spent a great deal of time developing your clairs and can channel basic information from your guides or the guides of others through written or spoken means
  • You have frequently felt the call to write a book and even have an idea of what the topic would be (book need not be a fully channeled text, but could be) OR
  • You find yourself using your own unique modality that does not fit under any know category…and you have a desire to train others to use it as well
  • You have the dedication, time, and resources needed to bring to fruition your book or modality within the next few months
  • You have access to additional support team members (coaches, colleagues, etc.) who can help in the areas of concept execution and accountability 
  • You have a fairly established clientele/audience that would benefit from the book or modality
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How does the creative blueprint process work?


As JJ meets with you each week, she will channel (often in first person) both messages and activations from your Higher Self or guides that will help you gain clarity and direction regarding your creation (book or modality). She will also visit the Akashic records to help you identify any guides who are specifically assigned to assist you through this creative process. 



This mentorship will support you through developing the blueprint for your book or modality. You will then take that information and spend the necessary time working through the details on your own, with recommendations from JJ on exactly how to do that for your unique circumstances.

Working with JJ will provide you with a springboard/launching pad and, although the full process required to bring your concept to life will most certainly take longer than four weeks, the time you spend with her will provide a clear path forward to manifest your book or modality. 

Please note that it may be wise to work with a business coach in the weeks following your time with JJ if you are desiring more in-depth/practical information about what to do with the creation once it has been brought to life. JJ may have time to briefly touch on these types of things in your work together, but what you do, for the most part, will be focused on the book or modality itself. 


  • One Multidimensional Energy Attunement Session with Monica (JJ’s personal energy healer/Reiki practitioner)

  • Attendance at all live virtual gatherings and live special courses offered by JJ during the course of mentorship

  • Access to playbacks of above-mentioned offerings

  • Access to 5D Business Activation Course (valued at $333)

Energy Exchange + Application Process


One payment of $2222

Four payments of $555


If this opportunity resonates with you, please fill out the application form through the button below.


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All Image Credit: Mica Blaise