Meet Your Spirit Guides Activation Journey

🌟 Embark on an 11-Day Activation Journey to Connect with Your Spirit Guides 🌟

🌠 What to Expect: Each day for 11 days,  you will receive a special 5-7 minute light language transmission, especially channeled by JJ to help you establish a stronger connection with your team of light. Whether you are already aware of who these beings are or just beginning to feel their presence, this experience will take you to the next level of soul connection with your beautiful soul family in spirit form.

🌌 Light Language to Activate and Enhance Your Connection: This course is unique in that it relies solely upon light language, bypassing the conscious mind which often creates obstacles to connection. Because it is a multidimensional form of communication, light language will provide to you the frequencies you need to best calibrate and open all of your psychic senses–claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance–necessary to dive into a deeper relationship with your guides. In addition, light language has the ability to help you release any hidden subconscious programming around your ability to communicate with your team of light.

🌿 Embarking on this 11-day journey means diving headfirst into a world of empowerment and enlightenment. Your spirit guides are eagerly waiting to share their wisdom, guidance, and activations with you. It's a path toward a brighter, more spiritually connected you.

🎁 Course Highlights: ✨ Daily Light Language Transmissions ✨ Personal Connection with Your Spirit Guides ✨ Activation of Your Psychic Senses ✨ Empowerment on Your Ascension Journey ✨ A Special PDF Journal to Help you Document Your Experience

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