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Remembering the Way of the Rose: Isis-Magdalene Lineage Activation

Awaken and activate your connection to the Sacred Lineage of the Rose with this incredible offering of remembrance! During this 3-week journey you will remember and embody the Divine Codes of the Isis-Magdalene lineage, supporting Gaia in restoring her Edenic Rose Template and weaving the Divine Feminine Golden Timeline Threads of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon. Join JJ, Alexx, Audrey and √Čoacc√≠ as we embark on this blissful co-creation of sisterhood and soul expansion!

What's Included:

    • Three 75-Minute Live Co-Activation Circles: Join us for powerful live sessions where we will come together in sacred space, guided by the Four Priestesses and Pillars of the Rose and the divine energies of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Goddess Isis.
    • 30-Minute On-Demand Opening Ceremony: Begin your journey with a beautiful and intentional opening ceremony to set the stage for your activations.
    • 30-Minute On-Demand Closing Ceremony: Conclude your experience with a heartfelt closing ceremony to integrate and honor the energies received.
    • Four Additional Follow-Up Practices: Enjoy four 10-15 minute activation/meditation practices to deepen your connection and continue your journey.


  • Bonus Content:
    • Channeled Activation Images: Various images with light codes and designs to visually support your integration and remembrance.
    • Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose Activations: Enjoy 5 60-minute playbacks from JJ's popular Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose gatherings.
    • Add-on 1:1 Session Option: For a special add-on price, you can also include a session with one of the course pillars to receive additional personalized activations.


Our Guides:

  • Four Priestesses of the Rose: Gold, White, Magenta, and Red
  • Mother Mary
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Goddess Isis

Activation Highlights:

  • Reconnect with the key lineage of the Rose to assist Gaia in restoring her own rose template.
  • Weave the golden timelines of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon.
  • Call in the Galactic Children and Dragon Younglings to co-create and support this sacred work.

Dates of Live Circles:

  • Sundays, 7:00 AM - 8:15 AM Pacific Time
    • July 21
    • July 28
    • August 4 

Join this journey today to powerful experience of remembrance and soul expansion!

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