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Galactic Federation Seminar Series: Embracing Unity Consciousness (On-Demand)

Immerse yourself in over 8 hours of on-demand channeled audio content as JJ Brighton guides you through upgrades and activations with the Galactic Federation of Light!

Seminar 1: Ground Crew Upgrades

Channeled messages from Arcturians and various other starseed races; light language activations

Seminar 2: Seeding Unity Consciousness

Messages & activations from the Mycelium Kingdom Beings, Lemurian Star Mothers and more

Seminar 3: Fruits of Unity Consciousness

Messages & activations from Lemurian Star Mothers, Cherry Blossom Goddess, and Gaia

Two bonus light language activations/meditations that JJ channeled just for this series:

  • Arcturian Abundance Light Language Activation
  • Womb Expansion Light Language Activation


Five Soul Family Gathering 60-Minute Playbacks:

  • August 2022 GFL Gathering
  • August 2022 Fairies & Elementals Gathering
  • September 2022 GFL Gathering
  • October 2022 GFL Gathering
  • November 2022 GFL Gathering