The New Golden Age Of Lemuria Conference - Playbacks | September 2023

Over 12 hours of audio playbacks and some bonus video playbacks from the New Golden Age Of Lemuria Conference held in Kauai, Hawaii, on September 2-5, 2023.

Experience this sacred gathering of Old Souls that came together to not only awaken and reclaim our lineage as Lemurian Shamans, Priests and Priestesses, Healers and Wisdom Keepers, but more importantly, to anchor in the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LEMURIA.‚Äč

This was a retreat-style conference where we worked with the Council of Star Mothers--Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian & more--as we gather together as Old Souls to connect with the wisdom and teachings of Lemuria once again. We invite you to be a part of this sacred, multidimensional healing experience through the playbacks.

Content includes:

Opening Ceremony with Hawaiian Earth Mother, Mahinanani Laughlin

Journey with the Star Mothers with JJ Brighton & Queenie Hilfer

Lemurian Past-Life Regression with JJ Brighton

Multidimensional Activations into Mu with Flo Karuna

Ancient Teachings of Mu with Amma Sophia Rose

Group Channeling Panel with JJ Brighton, Queenie Hilfer, Flo Karuna, Erin Lyons, Amma Sophia Rose and Mahinanani Laughlin

Lemurian Alchemy Workshop with Amma Sophia Rose

Group Channeling Panel with JJ Brighton, Queenie Hilfer, Carla Macapinlac and Flo Karuna

Activations from the Lemurian Dragons + Sacred Cetaceans with Queenie Hilfer & Carla Macapinlac

Doorway to Mu - Sirian Frequencies with Flo Karuna

Live Public Readings with JJ Brighton

Integration with Terisa Shashea & Monica Kretschmer

Closing Message with JJ Brighton & Queenie Hilfer 

The Lemuria conference was out-of-this-world and we accomplished so much bringing Lemurian Old Souls together! Join the waitlist for our next large-scale gathering: CLICK HERE

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