Are you ready to activate the magic within you?


Across the ages, there have been many, both chosen and raised up to become the keepers of the sacred codes of life and creation. These codes represent the potentiality of the Divine Masculine which, when combined with the codes of the Divine Feminine, are the foundation of all that is.

This is the first offering JJ has created specifically for men--to activate the Divine Masculine Archetypes of Wisdom Keeper, Priest and Magician...all embodied in the essence of wizard.

If you have felt called to work with Merlin, Ra, Thoth, and other powerful masculine guides over the last few months, then this is where you will find their energy...more potently and more clearly than you have ever felt it before.

I'm Ready

 It's time to activate the remembrance of the Divine Masculine Wisdom Keepers.

This powerful container for activation will include the following elements: 

  • Two 1.5 hour virtual activation sessions with co-activators, JJ Brighton and Esteban Wencelblat

    Channeled messages with ancient wisdom–focusing on the shared origins of the words “wizard” and “wisdom”

  • Light language transmissions to activate the wizard template

  • Group past-life regression to access memories from lives as priests, kings, wizards, and wisdom keepers in high vibrational timelines during the golden ages of Lemurian, Atlantis, and Avalon

  • Bonus add-ons: JJ's April Atlantean & Lemurian Gatherings, Special Wizard Archetype Guided Meditation

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During this workshop, we will connect with potent wizard energies such as Merlin and Arthur, as well as priest energies through Ra, Thoth and Atlantean King Atlas and chief energies from ancient Lemurian chieftains and shamans.

Meet Your Workshop Facilitators/Activators

JJ Brighton 

JJ will be acting on behalf of the following energies during this workshop: Lady of the Lake, Isis, and Pele, Goddesses from the Golden Ages of Avalon, Atlantis, and Lemuria. She will act as the expanding/activating element of the energy container.

💫 Multidimensional Light Language Channel

🌟Soul Template Activation Guide

Divine Sophia Oracle

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Esteban Wencelblat

Esteban will be channeling ancient key codes from great Priest-King-Wizards of the Golden Ages of Avalon, Atlantis, and Lemuria. He will act as the grounding/anchoring element of the energy container.

💫Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator

🌟Reiki Master & Sound Healer

Empathic Spiritual Warrior & Soul Healer

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Energy Exchange + Registration


The workshop cost is $222, which includes 3-hours of live virtual content, playback of the workshop, a Special Wizard Archetype Guided Meditation, and the bonus offerings of attendance at JJ's April Atlantean & Lemurian Gatherings.

Workshop Schedule:

Sunday, March 26 from 10am to 11:30am PST

Sunday, April 2 from 10am to 11:30am PST

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All Image Credit: Mica Blaise