Golden Lemuria Portal

The intention for this portal is to calibrate Lemurian Starseeds as they assist in the activation of golden Lemuria codes across Gaia; To create a community for Lemurian Starseeds to gather; To prepare energetically for the New Golden Age of Lemuria Retreat in September 2023.


Join the community to receive access to:

  • Info about special Lemurian Gridwork gatherings
  • Playbacks of co-channeled messages from JJ and her friends as they connect with the energies of Lemuria
  • Access to our April 2023 Lemurian Group Past-Life Regression Playback
  • Access to three Remembering Lemuria Gathering Playbacks
  • Access to full-length Lemurian Light Language transmissions not available on YouTube
  • Special light code images infused with Lemurian energies
  • Comprehensive list of Lemurian resources (books, videos, oracle decks, courses)