Hi! I'm JJ Brighton, a Multidimensional Channel, Starseed Linguist, Activation Guide, and 5D Planetary Gridworker.


The journey to where I am today has taken me through several roles—that of a yoga teacher, meditation coach, energy & sound healer, and medium—all culminating in the expansion into galactic energies and the development of my channeling and light language abilities.

I am passionate about supporting starseeds like me through all phases of their spiritual path...from curious seeker to advanced practitioner.

I launched my podcast in 2020 and shared it with just one person that I knew.

Activations with JJ now reaches thousands of people worldwide through monthly energy updates, weekly ascension messages, light language transmissions, channeled messages.

My background in vocal music has shaped my approach, supporting my development of new kinds of sound and light language healing.

Both voice and various instruments/types of music are a focal point in my offerings. By exploring different kinds of light language, I've connected with and learned from a variety of interdimensional beings, gaining insights into the interconnectedness of the universe. I now mentor others in these frequencies during my bi-annual Light Language Mentorship Course.

JJ Brighton in Kaua'i
JJ Brighton Gridwork

With time, I found myself diving deeper into Planetary Gridwork.

I began to travel to various "energy hotspots" across the globe, performing gridwork with other starseeds and wayshowers as we activated the crystalline grid of Gaia. We also now have a beautiful online community of gridworkers coordinating our efforts through different monthly gatherings and events.

When I'm not traveling, one of my favorite things to do is offer in-person activations at my Los Angeles Cosmic Sanctuary.

Just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean and calibrated to hold space for many different types of galactic frequencies, this incredible space allows me to assist starseeds in activating remembrance at the deepest levels.

JJ Brighton in Kaua'i

In October 2023, I co-founded Star Mothers Worldwide.

My friend and fellow channeler, Queenie Hilfer, helped me to launch this beautiful organization designed to help connect people to the Star Mothers, as well as bring higher consciousness and healing to the planet. We are now over 800 members strong and growing, with a Global Council leading the expansion of our offerings and our energy!

One of my greatest joys in addition to what I do as a lightworker is being with my family.

Along with my husband, Michael, and our over half a dozen children, we have lots of regular, "muggle" fun...doing sports, watching movies, creating art, cooking, and experiencing Gaia together. I also love bringing some of my younger starseeds to events and it has been such a thrill seeing them develop their gifts as little channelers and lightworkers!

Star Mothers Worldwide