This workshop focuses on not only the “how” of developing your intuition, but we also go through activations to help remove blocks and accelerate the energetic expansion of your clairs.

Step into a beautiful circle of like-minded individuals and explore the limitless potential of your intuition through activating and strengthening your connection to Spirit, Collective Consciousness, and Interdimensionals, while receiving activations to accelerate the expansion of your clairs.

Workshop Details

90-Minute Psychic Activation Workshop #1

April 23, 8am PST

Experience a sacred gathering of souls to deepen your connection to the Divine, the Collective Consciousness, and other higher realms, while enhancing your intuitive abilities through the activation of all clairs.

90-Minute Group Psychic Activation #2

April 30, 8am PST

Join us for a transformational workshop where you will be surrounded by a circle of beautiful souls, engaging in exercises to awaken and enhance your psychic abilities, while also receiving powerful activations to clear energetic blocks and accelerate your clairs' growth.

Special 1:1 Psychic Activation Rate

With admission to this workshop you will have access to a special rate ($177) if you book a 1:1 Psychic activation session with JJ (This type of session is not available to the general public).

Live Gathering Access

You will have access to all of JJ’s Soul Family Gatherings which occur during May. You will have the opportunity to attend live or listen to the playback recording of these gatherings.

Additional Bonus Offering

$50 of credit in JJ's store.

  You will receive a credit to use to purchase playbacks or light language transmissions.




 The Energy Exchange for this workshop is $222 with a two-payment option available.


After payment you'll receive an email with a calendar link register for both of the workshops