...and I feel it requires a certain level of previously expanded energy/activation, as well as surrender from the person undergoing it. For this reason, I have felt drawn to create an application process which does not exist in any of my other programs, in order to ensure that this journey is a good fit for those who are feeling drawn to work with me.

I truly believe this is the “missing link” for many lightworkers who are expanding at rapid rates and, although my process is not the only way to bring new templates online, I would be honored to be at your side on this journey.

Please take a look at the details below to become fully educated surrounding the journey of Soul Template Activation, and submit the application form if you would like to move forward.

Along our soul journey, we will undergo many different experiences to calibrate and upgrade our energy to help us step into the next phase of our soul evolution. Assisting people to take these steps is something I am extremely passionate about and, over time, I have developed offerings to facilitate these kinds of shifts. My first offerings/modalities focused on the physical and emotional bodies–helping to heal/release trauma. As time went by, I was tutored by my guides on the modalities of Timeline Shifting, Soul Integration, and Soul Activation. As I accompanied souls through these processes, frequently bringing through messages from their Higher Self/team in spirit, their guides started mentioning an additional aspect of soul progression that was key to making big shifts. This particular modality was somewhat unfamiliar to me at first, but I knew that it was related to the concept of archetypes and templates/blueprints.

I then received an intense download about the idea of activating soul templates, which you can hear more about in this podcast episode I published in October 2022. I knew that there were other lightworkers specifically focusing on this type of energy work, but, nonetheless, felt a draw to begin to develop tools to help in my own unique way. Although I will eventually create fully digital activation components, I have decided to spend a certain period of time working in 1-on-1 sessions to assist people in releasing old templates and stepping into new ones which are most in alignment with their ascension journey.

My methods include bringing through light language and guided meditation from angelics, galactic light beings and even elementals, as well as the Higher Self of the individual with whom I am working.

 I have seen these experiences truly create quantum shifts within a person’s soul as I have used them during Soul Activation and Soul Integration.


- Four 60-Minute 1:1 sessions with JJ (Over 2 months)

- Four Personalized Light Language Transmissions

- Four Personalized Light Language Images

- Four 30-Minute Integration Sessions With A Specialist

- Attendance At Any Of  My Monthly Virtual Gatherings During The 2-Month Period

- Access to JJ’s Full Library of Playbacks From Previous Workshops/Classes


  • You have completed a great deal of shadow/healing work related to your physical and emotional body
  • You have gone through soul retrieval/soul integration
  • You have a general understanding of archetypes/templates
  • You have connected closely with some of your angelic, elemental, and galactic guides
  • You have activated your light language (spoken, written or hands)
  • You are currently practicing modalities such as reiki, massage, yoga, NLP, QHHT with others






If you feel this could be in alignment with your soul journey, please take a moment to fill out this form and JJ will be in touch soon to connect: