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Lightworker Quantum Leap

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A 3-week intensive course designed to take your business to the next level, both from a logistical/practical standpoint and an energetic one!

Each of us has unique gifts designed to serve our soul family and those starseeds with whom we have soul contracts. The goal of Lightworker Quantum Leap is to help you materialize a business into this new timeline of growth and expansion for lightworkers. Whether your intention is to launch a podcast, create a new website/brand, design a new offering, or simply increase your clientele, this course is for you! 

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MSI Practitioner Training

Spring 2024 Closed

Next Registration: Fall 2024

Ready to elevate your clients' experience by integrating past-life regression and soul integration into your sessions?
Take the next step with Multidimensional Soul Integration (MSI) Practitioner Training!

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Multidimensional Soul Integration

Spring 2024 Closed
Next Registration: Fall 2024

As we enter the age of the New Earth, many people are seeking expansion as they desire to resonate at a frequency more similar to the upgraded planet. In order to do this, we will need to integrate aspects (fragments) of our soul that exist in different dimensions but are also ready for this process. In this four-week program, you will experience past-life regression & quantum healing through a combination of group and 1:1 sessions.

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Sacred Initiation Journey

Sacred Initiation Journey is a mystery school-type offering that was born through the deep desire to co-create a safe and potent container to restore the Original Templates of Creation. It came to fruition as a conscious, intentional co-creation between JJ, her friend Anna (Living from Divine), and the Divine Mother of All Life. Each journey is dedicated to a particular theme and has been intentionally created to return each participant to their original template of creation, deeper truth, and Sovereignty.

Since its inception in Spring 2023, the offering developed into a separate website with a variety of courses and workshops available.

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Advanced Mentorship

One-on-One Offering

Embark on an intimate, advanced, and immersive 4-month mentorship journey with JJ. This unique and personalized experience will include Akashic Records works, soul integration, multidimensional awakening, cosmic origin exploration, light language activation, and additional clarity on your unique soul purpose and gifts.

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Light Language Mentorship

Registration Closed

Next Cohort Opens End Of Q3 2024

Join other lightworkers in a co-creative and supportive space where you can let your light language shine! Whether you are drawn to spoken, written, or even hand light language, all types will be covered during this intensive five-week journey! 

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Activations With JJ and JJ Brighton cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes in these courses. Participants each have an individual journey, and the courses provides tools and knowledge to support personal growth and development. Your dedication and effort in applying the course materials will play a significant role in determining your experience and results.