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Remembering The Way Of The Rose

3-Week Course 

This is a call to remember and embody the divine codes of the Isis-Magdalene lineage, supporting Gaia in restoring her own rose template and weaving together the Divine Feminine aspects of the golden timelines of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon.

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Golden Atlantis: Activating Codes Of Remembrance

3-Week Course 

A three-week journey to activate and embody your Golden Atlantean frequencies in preparation for our collective assignment to realign the grids of Gaia and restore the Pure Codes of Creation

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Light Language Mentorship

Next Cohort: September 2024

Join other lightworkers in a co-creative and supportive space where you can let your light language shine! Whether you are drawn to spoken, written, or even hand light language, all types will be covered during this intensive five-week journey! 

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MSI‚ĄĘ Practitioner Training

Next Cohort: October 2024

Ready to elevate your clients' experience by integrating past-life regression and soul integration into your sessions?
Take the next step with Multidimensional Soul Integration‚ĄĘ (MSI) Practitioner Training!

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Multidimensional Soul Integration‚ĄĘ

Next Cohort Facilitated by JJ: October 2024


As we enter the age of the New Earth, many people are seeking expansion as they desire to resonate at a frequency more similar to the upgraded planet. In order to do this, we will need to integrate aspects (fragments) of our soul that exist in different dimensions but are also ready for this process. In this five-week program, you will experience past-life regression & quantum healing through a combination of group and 1:1 sessions.

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Sacred Initiation Journey:

Advanced Mentorship Course

Summer Cohort Registration Closed

This Sacred Initiation Journey cohort will be overlighted by the Divine Mother of All Life and the High Council of Sophia and directed by your Highest Self.

During this course, you will have your own direct experience connecting with parts of your Multidimensional Self, and the Original Templates of your mission, vision & emanation to start creating your Legacy of Love on Earth, one self-loving step at a time.

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Activations With JJ and JJ Brighton cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes in these courses. Participants each have an individual journey, and the courses provides tools and knowledge to support personal growth and development. Your dedication and effort in applying the course materials will play a significant role in determining your experience and results.