Advanced Mentorship Details



I am honored that you have chosen to work with me during this portion of your soul journey!

The contents below are extra details that should help you get your bearings as you prepare to embark on this incredible experience.



  • Individual Sessions with JJ: I will reach out to you upon booking the first session to decide on a schedule for the remaining 3. Typically we try to do them 14 days apart.
  • Individual Sessions with Monica: Please book a preliminary chat with Monica to prepare for your sessions with her (if you have already worked with Monica before, you can simply use this link to book the sessions--make sure they occur weekly throughout the duration of the program). Please make sure your first session with Monica is booked AFTER your first 1:1 with me and that they are booked in between our sessions.
  • Payment: If you chose PayPal, please submit your first payment/full payment (depending on which plan you chose) HERE. If you chose credit card, I will send you a separate invoice via Square. If you are on a multi-payment plan, please let me know with the dates you would like send you the additional 3 invoices (must be completed within 4 months of first payment).
  • Mentorship Private IG Group: Please take a moment to join my mentorship private IG group by requesting to follow: @expansionwithjj.
  • Mentorship Journal PDF: The link below will allow you to download a PDF journal which you can use during the mentorship program. You will need to print this off as you will want to be able to use it for actual old-fashioned pen/ink recordkeeping & drawing rather than digital documentation.
  • Mentorship Overview Spreadsheet: Throughout the duration of your mentorship journey, we will keep track of the details of each session on a Google spreadsheet which will be shared with you just prior to your first session . This spreadsheet will be accessible by JJ, you, and Monica. It will help us to all stay in the loop with highlights of your sessions and allow us to share insights/information easily. It will also house the links to all of your sessions, as well as the links/images of your weekly light language activations. I've found this format is much more effective than trying to keep track of email threads!
  • Time Leap Guided Meditation: In preparation for your Soul Expansion journey, please listen to this meditation and fill out the corresponding page in your journal before our first session:

PDF JOURNAL (click on image to download)


  • Scheduling: Believe it or not, sessions work best early in the morning or late at night. I feel like because you are in a more subdued energy at those times, your body is better able to integrate.
  • Rescheduling: It is vital that both you and I are in the right state energetically as we co-create our sessions together. This means that there might potentially be times when we need to reschedule as our body (or other circumstances) necessitate doing a session at a different time than we originally planned. I will be open and flexible with you and ask you to be open and flexible with me as well. Since this program is not meant to be a "race," a little delay due to pacing ourselves will not diminish the experience in the least--in fact, it could actually enrich the experience. This not only applies to full sessions, but there are times I have felt that a person's body was ready to do a 30-minute session, rather than a full 60-minute session in one sitting. In cases such as those, we will typically just schedule that second half within a few days. The body truly is one of our very best guides as to how to navigate the MSE experience.
  • Missed Sessions: If you are unable to provide at least 4 hours notice before missing a session, I am unable to reschedule but will record a 20-minute channeled message + transmission for you at the time the session would have originally taken place.
  • Environment: Creating a dedicated place where you will sit when you are in the sessions is very helpful. Always make sure to have water, your journal and something to write with nearby. Almost 100% of the time there will be cases where spirit asks for you to get REALLY relaxed (lie down), so try to be in a place where there is a bed, couch, or comfy chair you can sink into.
  • Headphones: I HIGHLY recommend headphones for every session--spirit has also confirmed to me that the light language activations are received much more effectively through headphones.


  • Attending Live Virtual Gatherings: Make sure you check the bottom portion of your spreadsheet for the list of gathering dates + Zoom links you are able to attend while in mentorship. Due to my calendaring program, I cannot add you the way everyone else signs up, so you will have to make sure to put those into your calendar and set up a reminder for yourself. Events detailed on your spreadsheet include the Mentorship Orientation gathering, as well as the Mentorship Forum.
  • Gathering Discount Code: As part of the MSE program, you will receive 3 gathering playback recordings. Simply use the code SOULEXPANSION each time you order and it will take $11 off your order (can be used a total of 3 times).


Every mentor has a different way of connecting with their mentees. I tend to use the spreadsheet most frequently. You can add a comment to a cell and it will alert me via email. When you feel drawn to share something--follow your intuition and DO IT! Trust yourself that it is something I need to be aware of to help you on this journey.

I would also like to let you know that I do take certain "days off" to rejuvenate, do self-care, be a normal human being...all the things I recommend you do regularly! :) Just so you are aware, those days are typically: Mondays, Fridays, and Saturday afternoons/evenings. If you have a session the day before those days, I will most likely send you the recording/LL activation and update the spreadsheet within 48 hours, rather than 24 (my typical turnaround).