soul integration



In JJ's Advanced Mentorship program, your soul expansion will be supported through personalized 1:1 sessions and specific activations and resources aimed at unlocking your innate healing gifts, channeling abilities, and light language.

Additionally, JJ will help you connect with insights from your Higher Self and guides to clarify your path as a healer or lightworker, whether it's your current mission or a future aspiration. Over the course of this personalized 4-month journey, you'll also gain awareness of new guides, undergo past-life regressions, and experience soul retrieval and integration, among other transformative experiences.

This offering includes elements from various different modalities which JJ has developed, including Multidimensional Soul Integration, Multidimensional Soul Activation and Soul Template Activation. You can find out more about these modalities by watching the videos below:


Four 1:1 Mentorship Sessions

Each month you will spend 60-75 minutes with JJ in a 1:1 session. These sessions will include the following components: Akashic records work, advanced light body activation, past-life regression, multidimensional soul integration, and soul template activation, and whatever else JJ feels led to bring through as directed by your guides and Higher Self.

Four 1:1 Body Attunement Sessions 

Your body attunement sessions with JJ's own personal energy worker, Terisa Shashea, will assist you in integrating all of the activations you receive during mentorship and supporting your physical body through this process. This component of the journey is vital so that your body can truly calibrate to the new frequencies that come through as you open yourself to expansion.

Four Light Language Activations

Each month, you will receive four 10-minute personalized light language activations channeled by JJ. These powerful activations are designed to help you integrate the energies and expand your light body. They may also be connected to past lives or galactic guides and help attune subconscious aspects of your field so that you can remove blocks and embrace new frequencies and timelines.

Four Personalized Light Code Drawings

Each month, JJ will also channel a light codes through an image format. These drawings are thoughtfully intuited to affirm your experiences and offer valuable insights on your path. JJ will assist you to interpret these drawings and provide guidance on how to best utilize them to support your journey. You may also be inspired to channel your own codes as you are activated by the drawings.



If you were drawn to this information, you are most likely resonating at a vibration that is either fully ready or almost ready to begin Advanced Mentorship. For the most part, JJ will allow you to self-select, but the following items are good indicators that you are ready for advanced mentorship:


🌟 You have already embarked on a fairly well-developed healing and spiritual journey, working with healers/lightworkers or even having become a healer/lightworker yourself.

🌟 You possibly feel inexplicably “stuck” or “stunted” in your energetic/spiritual growth OR you have been getting signs/premonitions from spirit that you are about to embark on the next big step in your journey.

🌟 You have fairly well-developed “clairs” or spiritual senses, and meditation practice is a regular part of your life, as well as frequently connecting with Spirit, your guides, etc.

🌟 You have had at least one 1:1 session or attended various gatherings with JJ. 

I'm Ready to Expand!

Additional elements of the mentorship journey include:

  • Voxer Chat with JJ: Access to direct messaging with JJ where you will receive real-time guidance and support. Connect, ask questions, and receive personalized insights to enhance your journey.
  • Two Mentorship Group Coaching Circles & Voxer Group: Join with a small group of other mentorship clients during your last two months of the journey to collaborate and co-create. Form part of a group Voxer with this same group for additional support and validation.
  • Soul Expansion PDF Journal: This special journal will allow you to track your Soul Expansion process and contains activities to help you sharpen your intuition and develop your psychic senses.
  • Four Full-Length Light Language Transmissions: Downloads of four of JJ's full-length light language transmissions (approx. 30 minutes in length each). These are only found in her shop.
  • Playback Access: Access to any 10 gathering playbacks or recordings found HERE (applies to 60 min. gatherings or extended light language transmissions)
  • Access to Two of JJ's On-Demand Courses (of your choice): See possible options HERE.
  • Starseed Gridwork Community Membership: Access to my exclusive membership portal and all gatherings that occur there during the four months you are in mentorship.
  • Closing 1:1 Q&A Session with JJ (45 minutes): This session is designed to help you put any leftover puzzle pieces together at the end of your journey, setting you on your path with clarity and direction.




Single Payment: Commit to your transformation with a single payment of $3333, due by the date of our first session.


Monthly Payments: Spread your investment over six months with six automatic payments of $555 each, deducted Every 30 days.


All major credit cards and PayPal accepted.


Now that you understand what awaits you on this journey, pause for a moment...take a deep breath, and attune yourself to your inner knowing.


Ask yourself if this truly resonates with your current path of soul expansion...


If the answer is "yes", then it's the perfect time to dive in to this offering with heart wide open!

A Message from JJ:


Before you dive into this soul-expanding journey, it's important to know that my main goal is to help you step into your own power and embrace your sovereignty. I'm not here to replace your intuition; instead, I'm here to remind you that your inner wisdom is your greatest teacher. My role is to assist you in clearing away any veils of forgetfulness that might have hidden your awareness of your divine essence and creative abilities. I'm here to show you that all the tools you need are already within you.

You hold within you a world of possibilities, and you are the architect of your destiny. Our shared journey during our sessions and throughout this mentorship will not only deepen your connection as a starseed but also enrich your human experience as a friend, parent, sibling, or companion. My approach revolves around balance—achieving ascension and expansion while staying firmly grounded in the here and now.

This, dear beautiful soul, is my promise to you. If this feels in alignment with the desires of your heart, I can't wait to embark on this adventure together!

With love,



Activations With JJ and JJ Brighton cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes in this course. Participants each have an individual journey, and the course provides tools and knowledge to support personal growth and development. Your dedication and effort in applying the course materials will play a significant role in determining your experience and results.