Are you ready to immerse yourself in a sacred experience and unlock the energies of ancient lands? Join JJ Brighton and three members of the Global Council for the 2024 Star Mothers Worldwide Avebury Retreat, a three-day journey of self-discovery, connection, and spiritual awakening!





10am-12pm: Opening Beltane Ceremony

  • Star Mothers connections
  • Setting intention 
  • Accessing crystalline grid of Gaia

12-1:30pm: Break for lunch

1:30-3:30pm: Gridwork at Avebury Stone Circle

3:30-7:30pm: Free Time / Shopping in Avebury & Dinner

7:30-9pm: Fireside Circle Share



9-11am: Star Mothers Group Activation

11am-1pm: Kennet Long Barrow Gridwork Excursion

1-3pm: Integration Gathering

3-5pm: Gridwork at Avebury Stone Circle

5pm: Dinner & free time

Note: there will be a fair amount of walking on this day–please bring adequate walking shoes, water bottle, etc.)


FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2024

10am-4pm: Channeling & Light Language Workshop

  • Calibrating for galactic channeling
  • Small Group Channeling Experiences
  • Break (Catered Lunch)
  • Light language foundations
  • Activating light language (or new kinds of light language)
  • Understanding and utilizing light language as a tool for activation and expansion

Note: This workshop will be opened to the general public.

DAY 4 (optional add-on) 


Glastonbury Gridwork Excursion

10:00 am - 11:30 am: Glastonbury Tor Gridwork Excursion led by JJ

11:30 am - 12:30 pm: Lunch on your own in Glastonbury

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm: Visit Chalice Well and Gardens

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm: Discover Glastonbury Abbey

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm: Optional Activity: Explore metaphysical shops in Glastonbury (on your own–most shops close at 5pm)

5:00 pm - Special VIP dinner with JJ (5 spots available)

*Participants are responsible for their own travel from Avebury to Glastonbury


Most of the retreat will take place at a beautiful venue called The Farm At Avebury! We will also go on two different excursions to explore the nearby Avebury Stone Circle, the world's largest neolithic stone circle. In addition, we will  visit West Kennet Long Barrow, a neolithic burial ground, which is located very close to the farm. These excursions will involve gridworking activities led by the Star Mothers in order to activate and calibrate the energies of the area.


*Please try and book your lodging at the Farm at Avebury, if possible. There are several shared room options available. All registrants will be able to join a WhatsApp group to facilitate coordination of sharing rooms.
(Link provided upon registration)


Space is limited to 20 attendees

Don't miss this unique opportunity to join JJ and connect with the beautiful guidance of Star Mothers! Limited space is available, reserve your spot now for a retreat that promises to leave you galactically activated and forever changed!


Full Retreat: $666

*Lodging not included


Available as add-on for $222:

Glastonbury Gridwork Gathering | May 4 (full day)

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JJ Brighton

IG: @activationswithjj

JJ is the Co-Founder and Director of Star Mothers Worldwide. She is a Galactic Channel, Light Language Mentor, Activation Guide, and creator of the Multidimensional Soul Integration™ modality. Based in Los Angeles, California, JJ offers 1:1 and group activation experiences in her Cosmic Sanctuary near the beach, as well as facilitates a variety of virtual offerings, including a Starseed Gridwork Community. In fact, one of JJ’s greatest passions is Planetary Gridwork, and in 2023 she traveled to Hawaii, New Zealand, England, and NYC to support and activate the crystalline grid in those locations. JJ also dedicates a great deal of time to managing the schedules, sports games, laundry and the neverending “to-do list” of a large family with her partner of over 25 years, Michael. As a result, JJ is able to offer a beautiful blend of spirituality and grounded, “real-life” energy to all that she does.


Queenie Hilfer

IG: @pathoftheoracle

Queenie is Co-Founder of Star Mothers Worldwide and a member of the Global Council. Ascension Guide, International Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, HypnoBreathwork Coach. Queenie weaves energy medicine, sound alchemy, breathwork & light language into her healing ceremonies. She channels the Council of Star Mothers, Isis, the Hathors, Sanat Kumara & more. She is an Activator and helps to bridge communities of lightworkers. She carries both the Lemurian Chieftess & Chieftain archetypes, trains folks globally in reiki & sound healing, offers channeled courses, leads Mother's Blessings & loves to facilitate transformative wellness + spiritual retreats.

Carla Macapinlac

IG: @alwayspresentguidance

Carla is a Reiki Master Teacher, quantum energy and sound healer, author, multidimensional guide, and Star Mothers Worldwide Global Council Member. She owns VM Energy Healing in Oakland, CA, where her work intersects as an author, healer, teacher, and guide. Carla's mission is to awaken others to their inherent guidance and power, facilitating their journey to their authentic vision. Uncovering psychic abilities early, she primarily uses clairvoyance, channeling messages and light language activations in private sessions and live gatherings. As a starseed connected to Arcturians, Dragons, Sirians, and Andromedans, Carla, a Dragon Star Mother and Dragon Doula, activates dragon consciousness worldwide through her Dragon Mystery School.

Alexx Barrile

IG: @empowering_moment

Alessandra Barrile is dedicated to empowering people and aiding them in rediscovering their true selves. As a psychic, multidimensional co-healer, cosmic shaman, light language activator, Akashic records reader, DNA activator, and member of Star Mothers Worldwide Global Council, she constantly travels, opening portals where Spirit guides her, marveling at our multidimensional nature. Believing in our luminous essence and undergoing both physical and multidimensional transformations, Alessandra sees participating in the cosmic moment and aligning with Gaia's ascension as a blessing.