9/9 Ascension Message | Shadow Work + Self-Healing

Sep 09, 2022

(An audio version of this message can also be found on YouTube and Spotify)


It feels like we are “un-numbing” as lightworkers, empaths, and healers. In order to survive and cope with the energies, the low vibrations, the density of this planet, we have had to numb ourselves to some degree, even “turning down” our claire’s. This is similar to the concept of “the veil” which we often talk about in the spiritual community. The veil can actually serve a purpose–it’s not just there to keep us in the dark. It is what allows us to experience these lower densities that we desired to experience on Earth. But as we shift our awareness into that higher vibrational Gaia, we are not only releasing a collective veil, but we are releasing some of our own personal veils or becoming “un-numb” to certain energies, whether it is something within us or outside of us. In my personal case, I have become more aware of energies within me and have embarked on another round of personal shadow work. I feel like my guides are directing me to fine tune my inner essence in a way that I have never fine-tuned it before. For you it might look like inner child work, timeline healing or past/parallel life healing & integration. You begin to see that which was previously hidden. You begin to pull to the surface (as does the moon with the tide) parts of you that are ready to be upgraded.


This theme is especially applicable to lightworkers. And guess why? Because we are finally deprogramming from the need to always be the giver of the healing. We are finally switching into a program where we allow ourselves to be the receiver of the healing. Another theme which I have really felt drawn to emphasize over the last few months is that we are our own best healers, too. So we could take this concept of “switching gears” and point out that have the potential to be both the giver and the receiver.That is right in alignment with the theme of our expanding multi-dimensional awareness and it is a very holistic, empowered approach to soul evolution. We all have the potential to see things from many different perspectives, to play many roles at the same time. 


So what should you do when this un-numbing starts to get really intense. First of all–just be curious.  Don't freak out and run away. Just look at that awkward energy that’s arising within (or outside of you) and ask, “What are you?”, “Why is this coming up?. And one of the best ways to get answers right now, at this particular time, is not necessarily tapping into the vast cosmos that seems to distant. I know that some of you are actually doing that and, where you used to get lots of answers that way, it’s just not coming…it's crickets, you can't figure out where the messages are coming from and you wonder what happened to the flow.


Just because of my own personal experiences lately, I’m going to give you a little piece of advice: disconnect from that format, that form of seeking answers, and turn to just being present in nature. Take in the scenery, the clouds, the trees.  Connect with Gaia and nature because they are wanting to bring us the answers we are seeking in a more specific way than we have ever experienced before. We are being called to strengthen our bond with them, with the elementals and with our bodies as well. This is embodied collective ascension. It includes our individual souls, our bodies, Gaia, and then all the other individual souls on this planet and their bodies. In order to grid and shift together, we have to start communicating better with each other within this group. It’s not that your guides or star families aren’t going to be helpful, but maybe think about reaching out to what's right here, first and foremost, and then going way out to the galaxy.  Look within first. Look to our collective. Look to Gaia. Look to our bodies to find the answers, to solve the mysteries, to do the healing, and to integrate the shadows. It’s all right here at our fingertips. We don't have to go light years away to find it. We don't have to go 17 levels up in density to find it. 

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