Dec 23, 2022

THEME 1: Expand your Sphere of Influence as Starseeds


As we progress and move through ascension as a collective, we are being called to come out of isolation, especially those of us who identify as wayshowers or starseeds. As I channeled this updated, I felt that our guides and Higher Selves were inviting us to exercise our influence both within and outside of the spiritual community. We are being called to be roam about the masses, spreading the light codes in many ways, including regular "3D jobs". This is why many starseeds are still in corporate, still doing hair, still working at the coffee shop. Why? Because you are bringing the 5D to the 3D--we are bridges! Remember that no matter what your "job", "career", or "income-producing passion" is, ALL of it is still working with energy! You can move energy watering plants in a nursery or delivering Door Dash meals! There was a great exodus from 3D jobs during the pandemic, but we have received upgrades in our state of coccooning and are ready to spread ascension codes by weaving them back into the collective in whatever way we feel called. More about this theme is discussed in a December Ascension Message:


THEME 2: Atlantean Golden Age Connection


My guides are calling the time between 12/12 and 12/21 "The 5D Atlantean Portal". We are going to notice a pull towards releasing trauma from certain Atlantean timelines that experienced disaster and connecting with the 5D timeline of Atlantis that did survive and merging that with our current reality. We will begin to notice the presence of 5D Atlantean Dragons who are wanting to assist us in connecting with Atlantean Golden Age energies. More about this topic can be found in my December Ascension School episode:

theme 3: Akashic Record Work Before We Enter 2023


This theme feels like a big “Spring Cleaning” process! It's time to consider the following:


What contracts need completed and released?


What new contracts would you like to initiate?


Overall, we are talking about stepping into our sovereignty and releasing all programs which tell us we are controlled by fate or time.


THEME 4: Priestess/Goddess Template Making way for the Priest/God Template


For those of us on the priestess path, my guides made it clear that our final destination is not priestesshood…its the union of the priestess/priest template (within us personally, within our relationships, and within the collective). This is the alchemy of divine feminine + divine masculine, also known as Heiros Gamos.


THEME 5: Detachment from One-Dimensional Selves/Identities to Embrace our Multidimensionality


We are being invited to move from “Who am I?” to “Who are we?” As you might have noticed, this theme is related to Theme 4--both are reflective of a shift in consciousness. Although we begin to see all things/soul aspects/the other as part of one whole (Source), we are still learning to work with this awareness. In addition, it is important to hold space for the parts of us that are not quite ready to step into this energy (those voices that might feel scared or unsure). In holding space, however, we are not necessarily letting them take over completely (or allowing their voice to drown out other parts of us that are ready to ascend.)




In December and after, you may begin to feel a pull towards ancient rituals/past-life regressions/awakening and activating. This might occur as you light a candle or incense, add a new habit to your daily routine, or stop to be present more frequently. These rituals may also come to you through past-life regression where you lived a life centered around ritual (shaman, priest/priestess, wizard, witch, etc.).





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