Lion’s Gate Portal Channeled Message from Goddess Sekhmet

Aug 06, 2022



Dear ones, I have come at this pivotal time during the journey of ascension, which your collective is taking, to bring clarification, enlightenment and activation. I come with great love and invite you to take a deep breath as you open, soften, and surrender. 


Dear ones, I sense the fear and trepidation which many of you are holding–fear of the new, fear of the old, fear of the present. Beloved ones, it is time to release those programs. It is time to travel to the Akashic records to end those contracts and to begin new ones as we step into this age, with joy…with celebration. Release the programs and contracts of fear and duality. Embrace this age of love and unity…of non-duality. There are some in your collective continuing to look for duality, for enemy, for falsehood, and I am here to remind you those concepts are an illusion. They are remnants of the old earth. And I, once again, am extending you the invitation to release, to let go, and to trust your intuition…to trust Gaia…to trust the whisperings of the Ancient Ones, which you hear every so often–those who have come before as they remind you that as things once were, so they shall be. I come to provide you with this message as well as light language activation to facilitate the release of any and all fear based programs of duality, which still reside within your energetic field and so it is. 




As you receive and integrate these codes, I remind you of your sovereignty. I remind you of your free will and autonomy. I encourage you, dear, beautiful souls, to use this time of the Lion’s Gate Portal to go within, to increase and amplify your personal power and, as they say, to unplug from external output. Dear ones, you have all the answers within. You are God within. Allow this knowledge to penetrate the very essence of your being as I offer this final transmission. 




I am. I am. I am. I am. I am…

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