Nov 01, 2022

Note: As I prepared to create/channel the November Monthly Energy Update, I felt my guides inviting me to use light language drawing as a way to open to the energy of this time period. Although not every theme came through in a drawing, you will see I refer to a handful in the themes below.


A podcast version of this blog post can be found HERE.




The two drawings I channeled that were related to this topic resulted in the theme of increased phenomena in the sky. One drawing depicted phenomena in the daytime. 


light language light codes ufo


Another showed the night sky and looks similar to the northern lights:


northern lights ufo phenomena light codes


As I asked my guides more about this theme, they mentioned that we should not be shocked or startled as we start to see more and more different kinds of phenomenon, not just ships, but also just interesting phenomena in the night sky. I also believe our guides are encouraging us to manifest a connection with the skies with our galactic friends. Whereas we typically wouldn’t see past the cloaking devices used by interdimensionals, there are some of us whose sight is attuned to the vibrations of the ships and the cloaking is not effective. They know this and cloak themselves intentionally so that only people of a certain vibration can see what's going on. In addition, I know that many of you have been seeing some fascinating beings and objects in the clouds. Others are seeing orbs and elemental energy out in nature. Below, I have included some of the photos people have sent me with this unusual phenomena. So during November, take some time, go outside, look at the sky, pay attention to what's going on both in the daytime and in the nighttime.



BONUS: Here are some videos/images from my friends (see their IG below the image) with examples of this phenomena:


UAP Phenomenon in NE United States


Credit: @daniellejean11



Angelic Cloud Phenomena


Credit: @meganmoira.psychicmedium /


angelic cloud phenomena


angelic cloud phenomena



Fairy Orb in SE United States (photo untouched)


Credit: @br1ghl1t3


fairy orb




This second theme was also brought through as I channeled a drawing. I felt like I was connecting with the elementals in all their colors and all their forms and all their shapes, which you can see reflected in the image:


light codes elemental energies


What I have noticed in one-on-one sessions is that people’s guides have been encouraging them to receive more and more activation and calibration to the New Earth energies through being outside being in nature. We oftentimes are busy seeking readings and activations from people like myself and we forget that it doesn't have to be that complex. We can literally walk out our front door and receive activation from the tree that is right in our front yard. It can happen as we hike on a trail and pass by a river or when we spend time on the beach. Our elemental friends are waiting to send us all kinds of ascension energies and upgrades. 


For those of you who are learning or practicing light language, either written, spoken, or even through hand symbols, I want to invite you to notice how being in nature really activates these abilities. In other words, you might feel codes beginning to come through you all of a sudden when you are on a walk somewhere in one of your favorite places communing with nature. I encourage you to bring something to draw with and sit outside and begin to draw what you feel. 




Many of you have heard of Telos, the legendary inner earth realm and the Agarthians, who are told to dwell in that place. Several channelers have brought through information about how fragments of certain civilizations, such as Lemuria, went underground at the time of their destruction and those of us here cannot find them because they are resonating at a different vibration than we are.  Here is the image I channeled that reminded me of their energy:


inner earth light codes Agarthians


 What I’m feeling is that we should be expecting an increased quantity of grounding energies coming to the surface, transmitted by our inner earth friends. In my one-on-one sessions I have often visited these realms where many people have had past lives. I have been channeling a guided meditation and then I feel like we're shifting down into the caves inside the earth (these are where some of the dragons live). Then there are tunnels that go even deeper into a large city that I'm now familiar with, because I've been there quite a few times with people. They have some beautiful creatures and some kind of odd-looking creatures–all kinds of trolls and gnomes, Yeti-looking people, and furry animals. Just about anything that you can imagine is down there. They are so kind and their energy is very grounding–that vibration is what I believe they are offering us in the coming months. I feel that their energy is beginning to surface so that more people can anchor and ground into the new Gaia. 




The 11/11 portal is obviously a very powerful time, but my guides have made me aware of some very specific themes related to this year’s 11/11 portal. These themes came through to me via the symbol of the cross which appeared numerous times over the last couple of weeks. One of the themes was the idea of the divine feminine and the divine masculine coming into sacred union–the divine feminine being the line that is horizontal and the divine masculine being the vertical line. The significance lies in the idea of sacred union and the void/zero-point right in the middle of that cross. Another theme for this 11//11 portal connected to the cross is bringing together heaven and earth. The heavens (cosmos/galactic energies) are represented by the vertical line and the earth is represented by the horizontal line. Another theme that I felt drop in related to 11/11 is the connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Even though none of these concepts was fully fleshed out for me by my guides, I felt like they wanted to put them on my radar.


You can find out more about my upcoming 11/11 events HERE.




My guides have mentioned that there are a lot of people who feel stuck even though they have done a great deal of healing work. It’s like there’s this one last piece that they just can’t figure out. This piece is often the release of old archetypes in order to take on new ones. Archetypes are deep soul templates (programs/codes) that we contract to live out for certain periods of time during our soul journey. I am feel drawn to increase the amount of sessions that I offer related to soul template/archetype transitions and have begun to work with Amron Bevels, co-author of The Priestess Transmissions, to assist those looking to activate their priestess templates. I have also opened space for co-creations with individuals seeking soul template activation in a more in-depth way. You can find out more HERE.




My guides say that we are still tending to take things way too seriously. In order to shift into these new templates, I really truly believe we need to take things a little more lightly. We are being invited to be more flexible and to surrender. The best way to do that is to bring our inner child into all of this…bring in a sense of wonder and a sense of joy with this reality that we are creating. We are the artist with the paintbrush in hand. Sometimes we might feel like we're a victim to our circumstances and to our reality, when in the end, we just need to remember we are holding that paintbrush and that it’s time to start painting whatever it is we want to come through. We need to remember to make some of it silly and joyful!  We need to create whatever brings a smile to our face!


All in all, November 2022 is going to be an incredible time of growth, expansion and JOY! As always, I’m sending you much love and reminding you that I am YOU and you are ME and WE are WE.

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