Oct 01, 2022



The first theme for October 2022 actually came through during one of my mentorship sessions. The session started out by the person letting me know that she had a few different shadow energies come up over the last week and that's what they had been dealing with. So we tapped into her higher self and started off with a little body attunement, a little calibration work. Then her higher self wanted to come in with a message about this shadow work she had just mentioned to me. I thought , “Okay, well, that's great, I would love to provide a little bit of clarity for her, because I know she’s already done quite a bit of shadow work. So this will be interesting.” So I channeled her higher self and they said, “Listen, what you are encountering is the energy of the shadows of your shadows. You have already done the shadow work–you have already integrated these shadows. What you're feeling is the shadows of those shadows, and the shadows of your shadows will stay. They will remain as a memory. They will remain as a signpost that you are going deeper and deeper. That is exactly where you are being invited to go is into the very depths of your soul. In that place you will notice lingering energies from different healing you've already gone through. And that's just there. Because it adds to the variety of vibrations, which adds so much depth to your soul.” 


That’s essentially what came through. So I want to let you sit with that for just a moment. I want to invite you to, over the next few weeks, if you encounter what you would consider to be shadow energy, to sit with it and ask spirit or your Higher Self or your guides, “Is this truly a shadow that needs to be integrated or transmuted? Or is this simply the shadow of my shadows that is showing the way to the depths of my soul, where I'm being guided?”




The next theme for October came to me through the symbolism of a computer. I love how spirit always brings in something tangible to convey to us really nebulous concepts. What dropped in is something I have felt before–that we are shifting from a time of healing and calibrating into a time of upgrades and activations. It's almost as if you were looking at a computer and adding additional memory and adding another processor to be able to shift more quickly to be able to handle larger programs. It's our mainframe being changed. Many of you know that that is related to a lot of the grid work that is happening within us that is related to our light bodies coming online. Once we get those upgrades, once that mainframe is able to handle different programs, this shifts me into the next theme for the month–the theme of activation. 




So what does that mean? What are we activating? I mean, that is the name that I chose for my brand. That is the name that I chose when I went out there and started speaking out. It’s funny because spirit will sometimes remind me, “Remember your name. That's why you chose that name, because that's what you're doing.” Many of you know that I activate primarily through light language. That’s more the “how” than the “what.” So let's get a little bit more granular. Let's talk about the idea of activating templates. 


I want to tell you a little story. One morning, not long ago, I woke up and I could not get back to sleep. So I just sat there thinking and, I'll be honest, that's when spirit drops in for me. It’s usually between the hours of 5am and 7am. What came through that morning was the phrase “Soul Template Activation.” Now this might be a familiar concept to you. It is by no means new on the planet. There are many people who do the work of activating soul templates. As I digested this information, and just kind of let it drop in. It came through about 10 times over the course of an hour.  I'd fall asleep again and spirit would bring it back and it just came through over and over again. Really what came through is that I knew that this was going to be an offering. I had no idea up until that point that I was going to be creating a new offering anytime soon. I felt really comfortable with what I've been offering so far. I even just launched my Light Language Mentorship. So I just asked spirit, “Why is there something new coming in?” I heard,  “It’s time. You all are done with the healing and calibrating. You are calibrated and you are ready to receive the activation of the templates.” Wow!


I sat down at my computer a couple of hours later to just hash out what that would look like. I just took a document and just started brainstorming. Originally I had the words “soul template activation” come into my mind, just generic “soul template activation.” Then all of a sudden spirit said, “Arcturian template and Pleiadian template or starseed template, divine feminine template, divine masculine template, Gaia template and then I just came up with all these categories of templates. I understood that this was much more complex than I first thought it would be.


Then spirit said, “Listen, these are all programs, but you might see them as archetypes.” That just became an “aha” moment for me because it tied in to two months worth of spirit bringing in archetypes in my sessions. I then heard,  “This is what you are activating–archetypes or templates.” Going back to my computer analogy, if you look at it from a computer perspective, it does make sense. It's like running a new program. Most computers have many programs, just as we can have many templates. I got excited about beginning to create these offerings and that’s when the final theme for October came through.




In September 2022, I had the honor of holding my first in-person event in LA with Queenie Hilfer, a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and Light Language Channel. The night was magical and the way our channeling just flowed together was so powerful! Since that night (and even before) I have been promoting the idea of people gathering, but at the time of creating this update Spirit took it to another level. I heard the words, “It’s time to mix your magic.” What this means to me is no longer being afraid to gather as lightworkers specifically. Many of us hold wounds/trauma from past lives where we were persecuted for gathering. So we have programming that influences us to isolate ourselves as a protection. Spirit has let me know that it is time to release that programming and to embrace the idea of gathering to “mix our magic.” I have started on that path with two events in the NYC area in October as well as another gathering in LA on 11/11. I am also co-creating an offering to add to my friend Amron’s Priestess Self-Study Group.


My invitation to you is to do the same. Reach out to others, to those with whom you resonated and co-create in whatever way possible, whether virtually or in-person. We are one! We are here to band together and step into our power…power we have only just begun to access.

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