Preparing a Banquet Table of the Mysteries of God

Jul 08, 2020

Message received from Elohim June 5, 2020.


Welcome to this transmission. We are Elohim and we have much to say to humanity with a sense of urgency, for this time panel in which you find yourselves calls forth several messages. It calls forth the integration of many codes.


We desire to offer these things to humanity for their greater good. We desire to offer these things at this time juncture, for the timing does make a difference. Timing always makes a difference. Despite the fact that linear time only exists on Earth, the meeting of two dimensions at a certain point is more how we see the significance of the specific times that we come to to you. And when we come to you at a certain time it is because of the overlap of our dimension with your dimension.


We are somewhat somber at this moment, for the attitude with which we desire to impart this information is an an attitude of reverence—an attitude of reverence for the many who have put forth efforts to grid with the knowledge which we are about to give. We do not wish to take lightly their sacrifices. We do not wish to take lightly the time and the work that they have dedicated to the betterment of the all, through their efforts on many dimensions and in many existences, in order to offer this knowledge to others.


So we provide this transmission in honor of those who have carried this knowledge within and who have constantly stayed faithful to their mission to distribute this knowledge.


We begin by asking you to paint a picture in your mind of a sun radiating it’s warmth upon the galaxy in which it is located. Any sun will suffice, for all suns are connected to the Great Central Sun and convey the same patterns as it does. For our purposes today, you may dwell on whichever sun comes to mind, for there are many suns in many galaxies. These are, again, all connected to the Great Central Sun and Source of All Life.




Now, bringing your attention to this sun in your mind, we ask you to connect to the truths which it conveys. We ask you to specifically connect to the sacred geometry which we wish to impart to you through your visualization of this sun. We ask you to focus first on the simple shape of a triangle. You may see in your mind’s eye, the all-seeing eye, and we encourage you to dwell on that image. For that Eye is the gatekeeper, the doorway, which we will unlock for you. It is a symbol of entrance to a new knowledge that will be distributed to all humanity. It will be given freely, yet will only be accessed by those with which it resonates. It will be conveyed as a confusion to those for whom it is not meant and it will be conveyed as a clear and concise, gridded message to those for whom it is intended.




Much of what we desire to offer to you, again, cannot be done through human language and words, nor through sound vibration, nor through light language. What we wish to provide in order to expand your knowledge, in order to introduce you to the mysteries of God, comes through shapes and colors which you will see and receive in many different ways. Some will be included in this blog post as images. Some will be given to you in your everyday life. We simply ask you to be prepared and observant, first and foremost. And secondly, we ask you to record what you receive and to pass the knowledge on. For many, many eons this knowledge has been guarded for the safety of those who hold it and we are finally coming to an era where fear will no longer reign—where the knowledge that was once concealed will be brought to light, out in the open.




All slideshow images via Pixabay


We desire for there to be a banquet table for humanity from which they can feast upon the mysteries of God and, therefore, we are enlisting as many as are willing to help. The main channels for conveying the information will be your human system of the Internet and social media, as well as video and audio material. The more who participate, the greater the momentum which will be built and the more full the banquet table will be.




Do not, for one moment, think that your contribution is not needed. It is a falsehood that there is already is a plethora of content on these subjects and there is no need for more. We say to you that your output is desired, not simply for its physical existence but also for its energetic presence which will permeate the earth’s planes, both physical and ethereal.


This knowledge is no longer for a select few. This knowledge is for all.


It is time for all to feast and we ask you, who are reading, to be the preparers of the banquet.


We end this transmission, again, with gratitude and reverent honor for those who have come before, who have maintained this stream of knowledge up until this point. We honor those who have sacrificed, who have given all.


We are Elohim.


And so it is.


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