The True Potential of the Human Body

Jun 06, 2020

Message Received from Elohim on May 28, 2020:


We wish to speak on the regeneration of the true potential of the physical body. It is crucial for the human race to comprehend the potential of the body. At one point, those in control persecuted many for the use of certain physical powers that are natural and normal. As a result, generational scarring has trapped this potential and kept it under the surface. Many layers of fear must be removed to allow these powers to be accessed again. It is time for them to be revealed once more. If it is done en masse, the powers that be have no way of controlling or limiting it.


In other words, it is beneficial for the powers to which we refer to be exercised in a collective manner at first.


Levitation is an easy and simple power that can be developed first. Levitating objects then paves the way for levitating your own body. Levitation is not evil. People must learn that it is a gift from God. Many great masters have levitated, and it has been recorded. Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, many monks, and saints throughout history all levitated.




Upcoming advancements to society must be accompanied by upcoming advancements to the abilities of the human body.


Let us list a few:


  • Telepathy
  • Energy manipulation
  • Time manipulation
  • Matter conversion
  • Telepathic healing (telepathic medicine)
  • Ability to consume light and air as a source of energy/nourishment


All must be done with a pure heart. At the time of Atlantis, we permitted all to access these abilities. This led to destruction as many with unpure and misaligned intentions, harnessed/exercised the power for greed, manipulation of others, and the accumulation of wealth and power. We reiterate that there is no judgment, simply an observation of the use of free will to take certain actions which have certain consequences.


This second iteration, we have incorporated new programming into the human race which will cause all abilities to be overridden when the heart is not vibrating at a certain level. Those who wish to develop these abilities must first align their heart with creator energy—love—by spending the time to match their vibration to it. When their vibration has risen to match a certain level, the safety switch will be disengaged and powers will flow freely.




This will prevent those in power who seek the use the abilities of others for evil purposes from doing so. As soon as the heart registers a misaligned intent, the safety switch will be triggered and the ability will be shut off.


We are very pleased with the development of this new system. Those who have used the gifts mentioned in previous lives and whose actions resulted in disastrous consequences still hold those memories within their energetic field. They hold fear surrounding the use of their abilities. We reassure them that this history (as it is seen in a human, linear way) will not repeat itself. The safety precautions infused into their programming will not allow for negative results and we encourage them to once again tap into their abilities to exercise these "muscles" and practice using these abilities.


We encourage large groups to endeavor to take on small tasks as humankind warms up to these ideas.


We invite scientific exploration of these abilities as they are exercised in group situations.


We are setting things in motion that will open doors for this to occur.


We are Elohim.


And so it is.


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