Mahinanani, Ohana, and friends invite you to join us in an afternoon of pule (prayer), water blessings, and offerings to our beautiful Tutu Ai'na Kauai, bringing back a sense of community and Aloha spirit!


This event will bring in ancient techniques such as Ho'oponopono and Lomi, as well as Lāʻau lapaʻau guided by Donovan and Mahinanani, Primal Breath and Movement led by Kelly and channeled messages from the Star Mothers led by JJ.  Donovan will be closing the circle with Awa ceremony and music around the fire. 

Our intention is to create a heart-centered network around the world, starting with Kauai, the Grandmother, and receiving the most loving and supportive teachings from the indigenous peoples of this land, reminding us how to create systems that make sense.


Opening Pule with Water Blessing and Offerings at 3:33 pm led by Mahinanani & Donovan

Heart-Opening Grandmother Circle with Cacao led by Mahinanani

Primal Breath and Movement, Spinal Activation, and Accessing Quantum Blueprint with Kelly

Light Language Activations & Channeled Messages led by JJ

Ho'oponono Everyday Teachings & Practices led by Mahinanani

Awa Ceremony and Closing Fire Circle led by Donovan

We will gather during a powerful full moon portal on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at a beautiful eden-like venue in Anahola, Kauai. 


Join us and connect with soul family as we collectively open our hearts to expansion and rebirth.


Mahinanani Antonia | Host

IG: @mumedicinemother

Mahinanani was born on Oahu and moved to Kauai when she was one year-old. She is descended from ancient Kahuna lineage and was taught from a very young age to be fearlessly weaving with the elements through surfing and fishing. Her love of the ocean was passed down from her well-known father, Tiger Espere, builder of the Hokule'a and member of the original voyaging society. He instilled in her the importance of perpetuating the Aloha spirit and how to read the tides, the winds and connect with the spiritual guardians of our beautiful world. She realizes how important it is to share with people the original knowledge of this land which has been passed down for a hundred generations by Ancient Polynesian ancestors. Her soul mission in this lifetime is to help humanity connect back with our Mother Earth in order to heal our hearts and souls. Mahinanani is the founder and director of Wai Ola Foundation. She encourages us to remember that every step and every breath is part of the ceremony that we are privileged and honored to participate in together. 

JJ Brighton

IG: @activationswithjj


Kelly Sears

IG: @liquidlightmagik


Donovan Cabebe