light language activation course

Do you feel called to access the language of your soul?


Embark on a transformative journey through this introductory, self-paced light language activation course, where you will unlock the immense power of spoken, written, and hand light language. 

Each module of the course is beautifully guided by the Hathors and the fairy realm, who share their frequencies through guided activations. 

Join JJ as you immerse yourself in the magic of light language and discover a profound means of communication and spiritual expansion!

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This carefully curated course, channeled by JJ, will help you better understand light language and allow you to remove blocks so you can utilize this beautiful form of soul communication.

Course contents include:


Description of light language in all its forms + opening guided activation with the Hathors


Written language and sacred symbols, how to use it, practice exercise + guided activation with the fairies


Spoken language, its connection to sacred mantras & toning, how to use it, practice exercise + guided activations


Hand light language and its connection to energy healing, how to use it, practice exercise + guided activation

Contents are delivered in several easy-to-digest lessons:

  • 5 hours of informative video/audio content

  • 3¬†practice + expansion¬†exercises (one for each type of light language)

  • 4¬†guided activations/meditations from the Hathors and the fairies who stepped forward to assist JJ in creating the course

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Activations With JJ and JJ Brighton cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes in this course. Participants each have an individual journey, and the course provides tools and knowledge to support personal growth and development. Your dedication and effort in applying the course materials will play a significant role in determining your experience and results.