Light Language Mentorship


This program will facilitate energetic containers of 10 people who will co-create over the course of one month to develop and expand their light language abilities.

We will introduce light language from various sources, including:

  • Elemental
  • Angelic
  • Galactic
  • Soul Language

All forms of light language will be explored, including:

  • Spoken
  • Written
  • Hand/Body Movement


  • 2 seperate group gathering times: There are 2 cohorts that meet at different times. Cohort 1 meets on Saturdays at 7pm Pacific Time. Cohort 2 Meets on Sundays at 9am Pacific Time. You can choose which one to sign up for through the Mentorship Portal.
  • Three 60-minute group sessions: (playbacks available if you are unable to attend in person): During these group sessions, JJ will cover the three main forms of light language mentioned above. There will also be messages from the group’s Higher Selves with advice & information regarding how to best develop their LL skills. This often includes mention of the types of light language each person is best attuned to (angelic, starseed, etc.). One of the reason this is NOT an on-demand course, is because each session is uniquely channeled for the specific group of people in the program. Please see below for exact dates.
  • 45-minute 1-on-1 session with JJ: During this session, JJ will assist you to hone in on your unique LL abilities by connecting with your guides and Higher Self to bring through messages and activations. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions specifically regarding your personal light language development.
  • 45-minute 1-on-1 session with Antoinette or Ali: Antoinette (IG: @flowwithantoinette) and Ali (IG: @_ali_tucker) are both incredible multidimensional light language channels. I have personally mentored each of them and feel very blessed to have them bring their gifts into these containers. Ali will be working with our Saturday group (7pm Pacific – US) and Antoinette will be working with our Sunday group (9am Pacific – US). I encourage you to follow them on Instagram to get a feel for the wonderful energies that they connect with.
  • Light Language Practice Audio and Video Content
  • Attendance at our February Light Language Circle Virtual Gathering
  • Light Language Mentorship Group Forum Through Kajabi
  • Bonus: Access to recordings of five of JJ’s previous Light Language Circles

One payment of $666 or three monthly payments of $222 

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