soul integration practitioner training


Any application submitted will be considered for the fall course

Are you ready to add a new 5D modality to your lightworker's toolkit?

Are you interested in incorporating past-life regression  + soul integration into your offerings as a way to elevate your clients' experience? 

Then Multidimensional Soul Integration (MSI) Practitioner Training could be your next step!*

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MSI Practitioner Training combines traditional formal training delivered by JJ with practical experience both watching JJ conduct 1:1 MSI sessions and leading your own 1:1 sessions.


Training components are as follows:

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  • Access to our MSI Practitioner-in-Training Community Forum

  • Attendance at all of JJ’s Virtual Gatherings throughout the duration of your training

  • The ability to be permanently featured and promoted on JJ’s website as a certified MSI Practitioner



One-Payment Option: $1111


Five-Payment Option: $222

*Suggested pre-requisites:

  • Two or more years working with clients as an energy healer, reiki master, psychic, or intuitive coach

  • Personal experience with past-life regression work as a recipient or facilitator

  • Well-attuned and open clair senses

Meet JJ

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