Experience a unique 5D modality that will enable you to...

  • embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery

  • embrace untapped potentials and ascend to higher states of consciousness

  • discover hidden gifts by connecting with and integrating past and parallel lives

Multidimensional Soul Integration TM (MSI) is a special modality developed by JJ to expand and increase a soul’s density by integrating additional soul aspects. This expanded state was not supported on the planet Earth in the recent past due to the lower vibration.

(Please note that at the time that this video was published, the MSI program was slightly different. The information above reflects the most updated version of the program.)


What is Multidimensional Soul Integration TM?

Multidimensional Soul Integration TM represents the evolution of our soul's journey, where we bring together fragments of our existence from diverse dimensions, all poised for their next level of spiritual expansion. This transformative modality builds upon the groundbreaking work of Dolores Cannon, who introduced the concept of these soul aspects waiting to integrate when alignment is achieved on an individual level.

Embarking on the path of Multidimensional Soul IntegrationTM involves several essential steps to ensure readiness for both the receiving and integrating souls. This process may involve elevating specific layers of your being to a higher vibrational frequency, often facilitated through practices such as Reiki and energy healing. Additionally, it encompasses delving into the tapestry of your soul's multidimensional nature, achieved through avenues like past-life regression.

For those drawn to MSI, it's often because they've already embarked on these journeys and now seek the next chapter in their expansion and ascension.

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  • If you were drawn to this information, you are most likely resonating at a vibration that is either fully ready or almost ready to begin Multidimensional Soul Integration. For the most part, JJ will allow you to self-select, but the following items are good indicators that you are ready for soul integration:
  • You have already embarked on a fairly well-developed healing and spiritual journey, working with healers/lightworkers and expanding your spiritual knowledge
  • You possibly feel inexplicably “stuck” or “stunted” in your energetic/spiritual growth OR you have been getting signs/premonitions from spirit that you are about to embark on the next big step in your journey
  • You are familiar with guided meditation & have started to develop your “clairs” or spiritual senses (there is no need for these to be fully developed, you merely need to have begun working on them)
  • You have had a session or attended a gathering with JJ
  • Does this feel in alignment with the timeline you are on? Then, dear one, don’t doubt yourself–you are READY! 


Two 90-Minute Group Soul Integration Sessions with JJ

Each MSI Cohort contains 20 to 30 people who are embarking on the journey of multidimensional soul integration together. We will be gathering in two separate group soul integration sessions to visit the Akashic records, connect with a past-life, and then integrate the soul aspect from that past life.

Two 90-minute Group Attunement & Q+A Sessions with JJ

Our other two sessions will consist of a body attunement via light language and energy support from guides, as well as further integration through discussion and Q&A.

60-minute Individual MSI Session with a Certified Practitioner

Throughout the Soul Integration journey, you will have the opportunity to engage in an individual soul integration experience conducted by a Certified MSI Practitioner. In this 60-minute session, personal messages and activations from your guides will be channeled. Following the session, an audio recording will be sent to you to aid in ongoing processing and integration.

Four Exclusive 30-minute Light Language Transmissions

To further support the integration process, JJ has crafted four distinct pre-recorded 30-minute sessions encompassing both light language activations and guided meditations. Additionally, accompanying each audio session, JJ provides channeled images containing light codes and frequencies, further supporting your integration journey.

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Additional Bonus Offerings

  • Personalized Light Language Audio Activation: You will receive a 5-7 minute personalized light language activation channeled by JJ in mp3 file format. This activation is designed to help you integrate the energies and expand your light body.
  • Personalized Light Code Drawing: You will receive a personalized light code activation drawing channeled by JJ. This drawing is designed to validate your experiences/provide synchronicities/puzzle pieces to your journey.
  • Soul Integration PDF Journal: This special journal will allow you to track your Soul Integration process and contains special activities to help you sharpen your intuition and develop your psychic senses.
  • JJ's Psychic Activation Course: You will receive access to JJ's on-demand Psychic Activation Course through the duration of this program.
  • Access to JJ's Starseed Gridwork Community: Access to all of JJ’s Live Gatherings & community forum
  • MSI Cohort Forum: JJ will provide your MSI Cohort with a community forum where MSI participants can interact and discuss the process they are going through.
  • Practitioner Training: If you are interested in experiencing MSI and becoming certified in this modality at the same time, find out more HERE.


(Spring 2024 Cohort)


April 12 | 8am Pacific Time (90 minutes)

April 26 | 8am Pacific Time (90 minutes) 

May 10 | 8am Pacific Time (90 minutes)

May 24 | 8am Pacific Time (90 minutes) 

*Playbacks will be provided for all group sessions you are unable to attend live



Take a deep breath, tune in to your heart and decide if this offering feels aligned for you at this time. Reflect on the broader investment, extending beyond finances to include your time and willingness.

If you're prepared to commit to the next chapter of your soul's journey, now is the time to dive in! Sign up through the payment options offered below.



Multidimensional Soul Integration is made available twice each year (spring & fall) as a live, virtual course, accompanied by a simultaneous certification program for MSI Practitioners. If you feel drawn to experience the MSI modality oustide of JJ's course, you can book with any one of our Certified MSI Practitioners through the link below.

Find a Certified MSI Practitioner
Become a Certified MSI Practitioner
Activations With JJ and JJ Brighton cannot guarantee any specific results or outcomes in this course. Participants each have an individual journey, and the course provides tools and knowledge to support personal growth and development. Your dedication and effort in applying the course materials will play a significant role in determining your experience and results.