A three-week journey to activate and embody your Golden Atlantean frequencies in preparation for our collective assignment to realign the grids of Gaia and restore the Pure Codes of Creation

You are called to join us as we first step into the Temple of Unity and then into the four elemental temples of Atlantis...

The Temple of Air

  • Guides: Thoth-Melchizedek + the Arcturians
  • The Temple of Air is a sanctuary of wisdom and clarity. This temple focuses on mental acuity, intuition, and communication. Within its walls, the energies facilitate the sharpening of the mind, the honing of intuition, and the enhancement of telepathic and verbal communication skills. This sacred space empowers you to connect deeply with higher knowledge and convey your inner truths with precision and grace.

The Temple of Water

  • Guide:¬†Poseidon + the Sirians
  • The Temple of Water is a haven of emotional depth and healing. This temple emphasizes the flow of emotions, the cleansing of past traumas, and the nurturing of compassion. Within its embrace, the energies foster emotional release, promote inner peace, and enhance empathic connections. Here, you will find a sanctuary where your emotional wounds can heal, allowing for a profound sense of serenity and understanding.

The Temple of Fire

  • Guide:¬†Helios + the Lyrans
  • The Temple of Fire is a beacon of transformation and empowerment. This temple centers on igniting passion, creativity, and willpower. Within its fiery domain, the energies inspire personal metamorphosis, spark creative expression, and fortify inner strength. In this space, you will connect with the dynamic force of fire, enabling you to overcome obstacles and manifest your deepest desires with courage and determination.

The Temple of Earth

  • Guide:¬†Sanat Kumara + the Orions
  • The Temple of Earth is a stronghold of grounding and stability. This temple focuses on physical well-being, abundance, and connection to the natural world. Within its nurturing embrace, the energies promote physical vitality, cultivate prosperity, and deepen your bond with nature. Here, you will discover the grounding forces that support your physical health and foster a life of abundance and harmony with the Earth.

Your Atlantean Name...


is a key and a code to access more remembrance.


In their role as oracles, each of the course guides will lead you through a special ceremony to channel your name and activate its power in your current incarnation.

I'm ready to remember!


Five On-Demand Transmissions

Experience 30-minute on-demand opening and closing ceremonies designed to calibrate and support integration, as well as three separate pre-recorded code/frequency transmissions to activate even deeper remembrance.

Three Live Group Activations

Connect to a remembrance of your Atlantean past lives and gifts with activations channeled from Atlantean elders and wisdom keepers. Receive cellular/quantum-level activations which will result in powerful shifts in your electromagnetic field.

Exclusive Course Community Forum

Join our exclusive course forum on a group messaging platform to connect with the frequency keepers and other participants in between live calls. Share reflections and find tools for integration and further learning/expansion as you co-create.


  • Large Group Activation: Sunday, July 21 at 9am Pacific (75 minutes)

  • *Bonus* Divine Masculine Mission Activation Workshop: Sunday, July 28 from 8:30 - 10:30am PT

  • Small Group Activation: July 29-August 3¬†(scheduled to accommodate the members of your small group and based on¬†your temple selection)

  • Large Group Activation: Sunday, August 4 at 9am Pacific (75 minutes)

*Participants are encouraged to attend all gatherings live but playbacks will be available.

Now is the Time.


Your remembrance of this information is vital to your further expansion and acknowledgment of your unique assignments, missions and roles in this incarnation.

Join your brothers and sisters in reunion, fulfilling your destiny during this transition into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

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JJ Brighton

JJ Brighton is an Atlantean Priestess of the Emerald Order, a wisdom keeper in the lineage of Melchizedek, and a guardian of the keys and codes of remembrance. Her Atlantean name is: A-Ran-Ya Ra Tut-ka.

She is devoted to serving all timeline and frequency weavers of the golden timelines, with a special focus on supporting the divine masculine in its restoration and rebirth into the new crystalline frequencies of the high Galactic Orders of Light.

Her past Atlantean incarnations include priestess, oracle, healer, crystal keeper, teacher, curator of frequencies, architect and grid custodian.

Alexx Barrile

Alexx's IG

Alexx is an Atlantean Priestess of the Emerald Order, a sacred union high priestess, and a wisdom keeper in the temples of Poseidon and Ra-Helios. Her Atlantean name is: Min-Ka Ra Tuk-√Ďa.

As a member of the 7th dimension Lyran Team, she works as a DNA activator, closely engaging with the water codes to access portals and gateways. She also opens gateways to infinite intelligence, providing access to the sovereign master self through multidimensional consciousness and plasmic technology.

In addition, Alexx serves as a portal keeper for the sacred source waters, guiding others on their journey to self-mastery and balancing the divine feminine and masculine into sacred union.

Audrey Mitchell

Audrey's IG

Audrey is an Atlantean priestess of Alchemy; a master in the art of transformation and transmutation harnessing the elements of both fire and air, bringing chaos into order. This alchemy is attained through the creation power of the kundalini within divine union of the self and other. Her Atlantean name is: Sha-San-Da-Ra Ku.

Audrey is also a wisdom keeper for the lineage of Melchizedek through emanations of Thoth, Hermes, and Merlin.

Audrey’s past Atlantean lives include working as an architect of realities, grid custodian, time keeper, portal guardian and keeper of crystalline consciousness, circuit master of the human vessel for evolution into godhood; both igniting and teaching the Divine Masculine to harness their technology with a purified expression of creation through Union, accessing the eternal honey and elixir of life.

The invitation has been extended. 


Honor your soul purpose by joining us for a journey that will create waves of ascension and expansion in every aspect of your life.