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The purpose of our community is to provide a sanctuary
where collective awakening and
active gridwork flourish.

I believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and love, and it's my passion to guide fellow starseeds on this amazing journey! Through live updates, virtual gatherings, channeled activations, and a vibrant community forum, we come together to elevate consciousness and amplify our soul missions. The Starseed Gridwork Community isn't just a resource portal; it's a living, breathing collective ready to ignite the 5D Planetary Grid with intention and collaboration.

It's time to discover the magic that happens when we bring our collective gifts together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet My Community Gridworkers!


Carolyn Renehan

A multidimensional Aboriginal healer, channelling my Ancients' energy from the earth elementals and mothers to the cosmos, supporting your sacred healing journey! Carolyn is Central Arrernte, from Mparntwe, an Aboriginal intuitive energy healer, drawing on traditional healer lineage.




Gina Solorio

A seasoned holistic wellness guide with 15+ years of experience. Gina integrates esoteric teachings, Vedic practices, and healing techniques for transformative self-discovery and true embodiment!


Eva Wilson

Eva Wilson is a multidimensional and light language channel, transmuter/gridworker, and a Galactic Ambassador. She enjoys spending time with her two kitties, indulging in reading (often described as a professional purchaser of books 😆), and traveling. Her ambitious goal is to visit all 50 states by her 50th birthday, which she fondly refers to as her "50 by 50" goal. Additionally, she takes pleasure in soaking up the sunshine 😊. A quote that resonates with her and describes her well is: "Two there are who are never satisfied -- the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge." - Rumi

Esteban Wencelblat

Esteban Antonio, an Energy Alchemist, Light Language Channel, Reiki Master, and Breathwork Practitioner, is presently exploring the realms of sound, frequency and vibration to ignite profound shifts in your spiritual healing. Connecting with the Violet Flame, Dragons, Ancient Elders, and more, Esteban activates dormant aspects of your multidimensionality into remembrance. "Let's embark on this unified journey of self-exploration, integration, and growth as One; and in between, let's go for a surf!"


Meet Claie, the former Australian fashionista turned Bio-Energy Specialist, Author, Podcaster, Channeller, and Lumiere Language creator. Since 2011, she has been transforming physical and mental illnesses by identifying frequencies associated with limiting thoughts and beliefs. Claie's expertise extends to working with teenagers with eating disorders, spinal injuries, and children with ADHD and Autism. Previously a Personal Mind and Energy Coach for elite athletes and professionals, she now empowers others with courses focused on intuition and healing through intentional, high-frequency thought. In 2023, Claie shifted to her significant role, connecting with her Lemurian lineage to aid Gaia and humanity in ascension through Gridwork.


Jesani Drew

 I’m Jesani, A Multidimensional Activator, Galactic Akashic Record Librarian & a Certified Fulfillment Coach, and I’m showing people how to access their unique power and unapologetic potential by leading them to their true, significant nature through values of self-acceptance & self-awareness. Unchaining people who are stuck, lost, stagnant, blocked, or hit an unseen ceiling. My mantra is Sovereignty. There are things we don't know that we don't know and it's time for us to remember. It's a time for understanding our unlimited choices.


Lindsey Means

Lindsey Means is an Alignment Alchemist. She helps individuals get out of their heads and into their bodies, enabling them to start living satisfying, magical lives. Lindsey is a 6/2 Manifesting Generator in Human Design, with a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Sagittarius Rising, INFJ personality, Life Path 8, and a former Hairstylist of over 10 years. Her business, Find Your WAI, which stands for Who Am I, and Lindsey are obsessed with initiating people into a deep world of magic and alchemy. The first step on this journey is through Shame Reclamation, as she and her business are committed to guiding individuals to dive deep and start living wildly satisfied lives NOW!

Michelle Vrkic

Michelle Vrkic, a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher of Shamanism, is known for her expertise in in-depth recalibration healing and soul coaching sessions as a soul guide. She takes pride in her work, especially in collaborating with children through Somatic Art Therapy and Intuitive Healing sessions. With a spiritual journey spanning over 18 years, Michelle feels grateful for the opportunity to share her offerings of soul medicine and heart wisdom with both children and adults alike. Currently in the process of relocating from Australia to America, she eagerly anticipates the next chapter of expansion, knowledge, and wisdom in her life. Guided by spirit, Michelle is committed to continuing to listen to her inner voice, which consistently nudges her towards understanding truth, the soul, and awakening to inner power and sovereignty.

Miriam Veronica Arenander

Miriam Veronica is someone who’s always had a foot in both worlds. Her parents are Swedish and Venezuelan, and she’s always been a “sensitive”. She was visited by spirits as a child, is a lover of animals and nature, and is deeply empathetic. She experienced the beginning of her awakening in 2017 after a painful & traumatic betrayal and divorce, but her resilient and optimistic nature allowed her to use the experience as a launching pad. Miriam Veronica is now a reiki master in Usui, Ahara, and Sekhem reiki, a light language channel, a shaman initiated into the Andean lineages, and also provides Sacred Feminine Touch Ceremonies, a tantric body massage experience for women.

Monica Kretschmer

Monica loves using her gifts through a unique blend of psychic insight, multidimensional and quantum healing techniques. She is a certified and seasoned MSI practitioner. With a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of energy and the ability to navigate multiple dimensions, she specializes in guiding others towards healing, transformation and connecting with their gifts and psychic abilities. 🪄She loves hiking and road tripping with her dog Aurora and has a passion for traveling the world. 💫


Greg Alexanian

Greg’s spiritual path began twenty years ago in the study and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. With Buddhism Greg began his inward journey of human revolution which expanded his understanding of existence and his purpose in it. Prior to becoming active in the spiritual world, Greg was a civil rights attorney and national real estate asset manager. In 2023, Greg published a contemplative poetry book titled “Unprepared to be Amazed” which chronicles his spiritual path through expressions in rhyme. Greg has also activated all his light language and light code drawing abilities. Greg is also of service as a grid worker @activationswithJJ and a core member of the Earth Star Council.


Lexi Natale


Sabrina Rempp

Sabrina Rempp is a Multidimensional and light language channel, bringer of solar codes, sound and energy healer, gridworker, oracle, and poet. She loves having deep soul conversations, spending time with loved ones, connecting in nature, art, reading, writing/channeling. As a soul light activator, ignitor, and expander of awareness and perspective, she  guides us to our own awakening and newfound awareness to our own heart and souls guidance, so that we may align with, and attract all that we desire.